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On this page we’ve outlined the course contents and what you’ll access within the members area

New Google Search Console

Step by step detailed, yet simple explanation for using the New Search Console: XML Sitemaps and best practices, Performance Report (All Options + How to’s), Index Coverage Report (Errors, Warnings, Valid, Excluded) all options explained one by one with best practices.

New Google AdWords Experience

Step by step walkthroughs, professional tips and insights for: Conversion Tracking, Keyword Planner Tool, Search Ad Campaigns, Display Ad Campaigns, Video Ad Campaign (including YouTube video Ad promotion). Shopping Campaign Intro, Universal App Campaign Intro, ReMarketing and Audience Insights

Google SEO Mastery

What is Digital Marketing, Keyword Research, How to Optimize Landing Pages (step by step walkthrough), What is robots.txt file (and best practices), What is noindex (and best practices), Anatomy of a link, How to better optimize internal links, How to get quality backlinks, Formulas for backlinks (think like Google), Outro video

15 Minute WordPress Tune-Up

Single private video file: within 15 minutes I show you step by step quick and easy WordPress optimization techniques (includes optimized robots.txt file, .htaccess file and wp-config.php file codes, WordPress keyword meta codes and I show you how to set them up step by step) quickly and easily

Facebook Marketing Mastery

Intro video, How to Setup FB Business page for success, FB UI Main Menu Simplified, Audience Insights, Facebook Pixel Requirements, Conversion Tracking, Custom Conversion Tracking, How to Boost Posts, Creating Advertising Campaigns, Creating Facebook Conversion Campaigns, Creating Website Traffic Campaigns, Outro Video, Sample Codes for WordPress, Sample Image Dimensions for FB

Private Blog Network Course

Single private video: shows step by step techniques for identifying domains to register and create your very own powerful blog network. All according to Google’s strict guidelines

Reputation Management Course

Single private video: shows step by step techniques to control Google ranking results for ANY search pattern you want to bury. Quick easy and properly

Structured Data Mastery

Course Intro, JSON-LD MicroData Simplified, Itemscope Itemtype Itemprop Simplified, Adding Structured Data to HTML head element, How to Itemscope WordPress, Webpage Elements. Resources: Structured-Data-Samples, local-business-markup-TEMPLATE, Organization-markup-TEMPLATE, Organization-markup-Multiple-Location-TEMPLATE

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Learning modules designed to provide practical and cutting edge knowledge for using the power of Google AdWords, Google SEO, Facebook and YouTube platforms for digital marketing. You’ll learn how to use these platforms to market any product or service, and do so successfully. Each student will get their own live testing site as well as access  supportive environment. 

Individual Private Videos

WordPress Lightning Speed Loading Defer Async, WordPress Lightning Speed Loading How to Remove Junk (includes step by step video and codes), Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial 2018 (latest April 23 update). And many more are uploaded regularly

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